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12.5 G / 47 L  

(STOCK VOLUME: 3.4 G / 13 L)

Comes with instructions, taillight mount, mounting hardware

BLACK tank comes with fuel gauge



NOTE: We recommend the use of OE fuel pickup line part number 8350020-160.

2019-20 POLARIS 600R RACE SLED 12.5 USG

  • You are receiving a modified version of our 05-18 IQR chassis TrailTank to fit the new tapered tunnels for the 19-20 chassis. Because they are modified by hand, fit and finish may vary from tank to tank. The tank may also settle with use resulting in poor alignment with seat brackets if seat is removed and reinstalled. We will do our best to test fit tanks and brackets as we prepare them for shipment. However, we do not know how much settling the tanks may do during shipping. We are here to help so please let us know if you have issues.

    We have not attempted to modify tanks in this manner before and hope we are able to provide a decent product for our customers. Installer will have to drill new rear mount holes in the tunnel to line up with threaded inserts in new tank. Screws and large washers have been provided in case a larger than usual or slotted hole is required for the rear mounts.

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